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About Barbara

Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz is a Licensed Professional Counselor dedicated to helping people find truth and meaning in their lives, as well as relief from pain and anxiety.  She has been practicing in Austin since 2013, with specific training in regression therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters.    Before becoming a therapist, Barbara owned and operated a restaurant in the late 90's, had a career in Information Technology, and raised her family in Austin, Texas.   


I believe wholeheartedly in reincarnation. I believe we each have a soul or spirit that exists independently from the body, and that our souls come into these bodies and these lifetimes in cycles of learning and growth. 


I believe there is one source of souls, commonly referred to as "God", and I believe God is fully present in every soul, every moment and every thing, and yet far beyond comprehension in human terms.  I believe that religious concepts of exclusivity or "chosen-ness" are spiritual distortions. I believe we are all traveling similar but unique paths of spiritual growth, and that we cannot compare or judge each other's paths. I believe that spiritual growth comes most often through struggle and suffering; difficult lives and circumstances are rich with opportunity for learning and healing.


I was raised in the U.S. and Italy in a Roman Catholic family and attended Catholic schools, but I am not aligned with any particular religious tradition, community or practice, and I have no agenda regarding your beliefs.  I personally like what Gandhi said: "I am a Muslim, and a Hindu, and a Christian and a Jew, and so are all of you."​ 

Approach & Style

As a Regression therapist, I see myself as a spiritual facilitator.  I am devoted to helping my clients have their own experience and access their own Knowing. I am very careful with my own energy and intentions, focused on helping my clients be liberated from fear and the illusion of separateness. 


As a Psychotherapist, I am engaged, non-judgmental, curious, challenging when necessary, and deeply compassionate. I am not a passive or quiet therapist. I am able to listen actively and carefully, and to honor my client's pace, boundaries and sense of readiness.  My approach is natural and contextual; I do not employ many structured techniques or branded methodologies.  I have no agenda in terms of your beliefs or your path. 


MA - Counseling, St. Edward's University (2010) 

BA - Liberal Arts (classics), George Washington University (1990) 

Past Life Regression Therapist Training, Dr. Brian Weiss (2015)

​100+ hours of post-grad training in clinical hypnosis. 

Click here For a list of continuing education / training certs. 

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