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Fees and Booking


Initial Consult - required  - 30 min​

Regression - 110-minute Session*



*All Past Life Regression sessions are 110 min.  

After your regression, you may wish schedule individual sessions to process your experience.  Text or email me if you want to meet after your regression session.  It can take several days or even weeks for the "dust to settle"following regression. In a good way. 


NOTE:  A 30-minute consult is required before the regression session.  The consult fee is $75.00, and will be held on Zoom (or you can request a different remote platform after booking).  During the consult, we will discuss your goals, my approach, and review the best-practices and guidelines for past life regression.  The consult is very important to ensure as much as possible that you have a successful regression experience.  I have a very high success rate (more than 95%) and I attribute this in large part to the required consult.  I have several suggestions for preparation, and you should be familiar with me and my space in order to be relaxed enough to have a successful experience. 

Please note that online booking is handled through my psychotherapy practice, Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz Psychotherapy & Hypnosis. 

I use an online booking system called MindBody, which is HIPPA-compliant and does not share or sell your information.   First you need to create an online account.  Once you have an account, you can book the initial consult online. ​

**Initial consults must be booked online, with payment made at the time of booking.  The actual regression session will be scheduled during your consult, and does not have to be paid in advance.​

**If you cancel an initial consult or an appointment with at least 24-hours notice, your payment can be refunded or applied to a later date.  Both initial consults and appointments can easily be rescheduled online (24-hours or more in advance).


Payment is due at the time of service.   Past Life Regression is not eligible for health insurance reimbursement; all regression sessions are fee-for-service.


Consults are held on Zoom.  I prefer to hold regressions in person, but they can be done remotely, and we can discuss options during your consult. I need to be able too see you during the regression, so I don't do telephone-only regressions, FYI.  



You may choose to complete an Authorization to Release Information if you want me to communicate with anyone for any reason regarding your regression. This is an editable .pdf which can be completed on your computer, or you can print it and complete it by hand, and bring it with you to session so we can discuss your intentions and boundaries. ​



24 hours’ notice is required to cancel an initial consult or an appointment without incurring a full-fee charge. ​

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