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Sample Regressions

The recordings included here are edited as noted, and do not include identifying information.  Each recording is included with the express permission of the client.  I have sought to include examples of various scenarios in order to best explain the process.  It is advisable to listen to the induction recording one or more times before coming for regression, as you will be more comfortable with the language and process.  During our regression consult, I can answer specific questions or concerns.   

NOTE:  As you listen to the actual session recordings, understand that there are silences and pauses that are a natural part of hypnotic / trance work, as time perception is distorted.  None of the silences or pauses last for more than one minute. 

This sample induction is basically the same one I use with most of my clients.  I improvise each induction, but stick to the same general structure included here.  The first half of the recording is a fairly standard hypnotic induction; the second half is a regression-specific deepening with instructions for accessing past life memories.  


​Sample #1 is a 21 year old female in her first regression session.  This 35-minute sample includes the first of three lifetimes she remembered during her session, as well as the transition to a second lifetime.  The first lifetime demonstrates basic "navigation" through the lifetime, including "going back" to an earlier time during the remembered life than the point of "arrival". 

Induction Sample - Copyright 2018 - Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz
PLR Sample - 35 minutes - Anonymous Client
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